Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel Products

In 2015 due to demand from our clients we ventured into the Stainless Steel Fabrication market to offer both metalwork and stainless steel as an option for our clients.  We soon saw a need to expand our operations, purchasing land across the road with the intent to construct a purpose built sterile Stainless Steel workshop.  Our new factory was completed in June 2020 at 2 Archimedes Place, Golden Grove (across the road from our current premises – 5 Archimedes Place, Golden Grove).


Pruszinski Fabrication make a variety of Stainless Steel items for Adelaide and beyond, including on Kangaroo Island.

All of our Stainless Steel products are made to your exact requirements and are fabricated from top quality Stainless Steel.

Some examples of products we manufacture using Stainless Steel are: Corner Guards, Bollards, Trolley bays, Bike Racks, Handrails, Balustrades, Custom Furniture, Lift Reveals and covers, Various frames made from hollow section materials, custom grab rails and other miscellaneous items.

Our clients have been incredibly pleased with our results and often comment on the quality they receive from our Stainless Steel manufacturing.

Grade 316 vs Grade 304 Stainless Steel

All of our Stainless Steel products are made to your exact requirements and are fabricated from top quality Stainless Steel.  Primarily we use Grade 316 Stainless with a brushed finish.  Grade 316 Stainless is generally what is specified by our clients and is best for outdoor furnishings like rails and bollards as it is an ideal corrosion-resistant material. Grade 316 Stainless is also best to withstand chemicals in industrial areas and high saline environments such as coastal regions.

Grade 304 Stainless can be an economical choice for inside buildings, but it doesn’t have the chloride resistance of Grade 316 which means it is susceptible to corrosion from chloride solutions, or from saline environments like the coast and greater tea staining is likely. 


💿 Is Pruszinski Fabrication an Adelaide Based Stainless Steel Fabricator?

Yes, we are a local and family owned small business located in Golden Grove. The company employs 4 tradesmen.

💿 What Types Of Stainless Steel Products Do You Supply?

We fabricate bollards, handrails and balustrades, custom framing and furniture, bike racks and trolley bays.

💿 Can You Install The Stainless Steel Products You Supply?

Yes we do installation as well as fabrication. 

💿 Can You Fabricate Custom Stainless Steel Products?

Yes, custom is what we do. Talk to us if you have any specific designs in mind.