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Medium Duty Removable Bollards

The product uses a galvanised 90mm high tensile square hollow section as the post

Standard height is 900mm but they can be custom built higher if required for an additional charge

Sleeves are fully Hot Dip Galvanised, giving excellent corrosion resistance.

Sleeves have a hinged lid that finishes completely flush with the concrete surface removing tripping hazards and the accidental loss or theft of a cap that would normally leave a dangerous hole causing liability.

The bollards weigh approximately 9.5kg and have a hardened lug that locks through the lid that makes hack sawing of the lug impossible.

If required I can provide Quality 83/45 Abas Padlocks with all orders, all keyed alike using 1 key on a restricted system.


Please use Part No’s when ordering bollards to save confusion.

Part No’s



Medium Duty Removable Galvanised Bollard 90 x 90 square


Medium Duty Removable Powder Coated Bollard 90 x 90 square


Reflective Tape available add +R on all Part No’s