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Budget Removable Bollards

Unlike our premium range (Heavy Duty & Medium Duty), this is a basic but very robust design to compete with the imported market for the budget oriented and those wanting a lighter alternative.


The lightest option weighs just 11.2kg with a 3.2mm wall thickness.  These are usually in stock.

This lighter weight makes it a safe lifting load for women according to Australian Standards recommendations, (to be under 12kg). Weight should always be a consideration to ensure you’re creating compliant lifting weights for your staff.

A stronger bollard is also able to be produced at 13.8kg, with 4mm wall thickness, or 17kg, with 5mm wall thickness.  These can be requested, but will not be a standard stock item, and therefore will be made to order.


Our Bollards are 100% South Australian manufactured, Hot Dip Galvanised to Australian Standards and Powder coated properly in Adelaide.

The Bollard is manufactured from a 100mm OD Galvanised pipe @ 1m high.  The Bollard sleeves are 400mm long with 16mm hinge pins and 10mm lugs.

If a bollard is damaged, a replacement is likely to be in stock for immediate dispatch. 


Cost is POA pending quantity required.

This is a supply only item.

Budget Removable Bollard

Please use Part No’s when ordering bollards to save confusion. 

Part No’s Description
BLRPC100 Budget Light Removable Powder Coated Bollard 100 diameter x 3.2mm
BMRPC100 Budget Medium Removable Powder Coated Bollard 100 diameter x 4mm
BHRPC100 Budget Heavy Removable Powder Coated Bollard 100 diameter x 5mm
Reflective Reflective Tape available add +R on all Part No’s