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Fixed Bollards

When you are wanting to protect your property from impact damage a fixed bollard is the ultimate.  Fixed Bollards are set into a footing deep into the ground and the bollard is also generally concrete filled at the same time, if using pipe.  Naturally these cost more to install as substantial footings are required.

As we are a local Manufacturer of Bollards in Adelaide SA – we can offer great wholesale pricing and we can build any Bollard to your design specifications.

When manufacturing our fixed bollards, we generally use pipe ranging from 80mm to 324mm in diameter, larger diameters are also available.  We can also use various thicknesses to suit your needs.

We have previously also manufactured fixed bollards from Beams, plates, RHS and SHS.

We also manufacture DPTI Approved Bollards for schools and government buildings.

All our bollards can be supplied in Hot Dip Galvanised finish, Powdercoated to a colour of your choosing or Stainless steel.

Our bollards can be manufactured with tap on caps, welded disc tops, dome or angled tops or fancy cast tops can be applied if you desire.

If you have specific requirements, we are confident Pruszinski Fabrication will be able to assist you.

Installation service is also available if required.

Please use Part No’s when ordering bollards to save confusion. 

Part No’s



Fixed Bollard Galvanised 100 diameter


Fixed Bollard Galvanised 110 diameter


Fixed Bollard Galvanised 140 diameter


Fixed Bollard Galvanised 165 diameter


Fixed Bollard Galvanised 220 diameter


Fixed Bollard Galvanised Powder Coated 100 diameter


Fixed Bollard Galvanised Powder Coated 110 diameter


Fixed Bollard Galvanised Powder Coated 140 diameter


Fixed Bollard Galvanised Powder Coated 165 diameter


Fixed Bollard Powder Coated 220 diameter


Reflective Tape available add +R on all Part No’s